The Rise of Populism and its Effects in the United States



CCPP Guest Speaker Series

【主讲人 SpeakerBert A. RockmanPurdue University, The University of Pittsburgh

【主讲题目 TopicThe Rise of Populism and its Effects in the United States

【主办 Institution】上海财经大学公共经济与管理学院比较政治与政策研究中心

                  Center for Comparative Politics and Policy, SPEA, SUFE


                  Institute of Political Science, SUFE

【主持人 ModeratorYin Wang

【时间 Time2019/5/23日(周四/Thursday 14:00-16:00

【地点 Place】上海财经大学武川路校区凤凰楼303 会议室

                          SUFE Wuchuan Campus, Phoenix 303

【工作语言 Language】英语 English

【主讲人简介 Speaker BioBert Rockman is currently Professor of Political Science at Purdue University and a Visiting Scholar in the Political Science Department at the University of Pittsburgh. He was Head of the Department at Purdue from 2005-2012 and Professor from 2005-2016. Previous to that, he had been Director of the School of Public Policy and Management (now The John Glenn College of Public Affairs) at Ohio State University. Rockman also has been a Senior Fellow in the Governmental Studies Program of The Brookings Institution in Washington. He has authored or edited 16 books and has published well over a hundred journal articles and book chapters. Rockman’s body of work focuses mainly on executive politics, including the bureaucracy and the presidency, and the policy process.